Three Things to Think About When Buying a Flask
So, which one do you choose? Here are three things to keep in mind when choosing a hip flask. Flasks have been around for centuries with reports of women smuggling spirits onto docked British war ...

Austria's Christine Wolf wins Women's Indian Open
As her Tour mates showered her with water from their aluminum flasks, she knew she wasn't in a bubble and had won the Hero Women's Indian Open. "It's yet to sink in, yet to sink in," Wolf repeated ...

Whiskey Pods Are Tailor-Made for American Drinkers
Men hid small bottles under their hats. Hollow canes that could be filled with liquid became popular. Women’s decorative hat pins? Also hollowed and filled with booze. At home, false-bottomed lamps ...

In search of 'smart chewing gum' to help women conceive
Anett Stèger (right), Benedicte Smith-Sivertsen (centre) and some of the other researchers working on ‘Ovulaid’. Photograph: Supplied Conical flasks of green liquid jiggle in rotating trays while ...

Emerging Gear: Power-Generating Luggage, Upcycled Wool, Adventure Kit
The new thermo-shielding coffee flasks are made from 18/8 stainless ... We like the BUBBA Bahura women’s long-sleeve ($45) and the Bahura Hoody for men ($70) and women ($60).

Every style move that Kate makes this woman will copy
Mallory Bowling is part of a global community of so-called RepliKates – women so devoted to the Duchess that they ... school royal enthusiasts – all headscarves, flags and Thermos flasks – have been ...

Marchand Barrel Shaped Engraved Cheese Board

Recent newlyweds and longtime couples alike will appreciate the beauty of our Marchand barrel-shaped

Cocoa Leather Block Monogram Hip Flask Set

Get the drinks pouring anywhere you travel with our cocoa leather monogrammed hip flask set. Each li

Cobalt Blue Leatherette Personalized Hip Flask

Add a splash of color to your pocket along with your favorite spirits in these handsome personalized

Personalized Flask with Your Home State (All 50 Avail)

This noteworthy personalized flask serves as the perfect gift for anyone with true pride for their h

Royal Crested Stainless Steel Flask

Tough, rugged, and dependable, our custom royal crested stainless steel flask has all of the qualiti

Rhone Valley Etched Stemless Red Wine Glass

Wine has been loved for ages. Our Rhone Valley etched stemless red wine glasses pay homage to wine’s

Scales of Justice Engraved Stemless Red Wine Glass for Lawyers

After spending all day in the courtroom, what lawyer doesn’t like to relax with a nice glass of red

Calvin Custom Tall Champagne Flute

Champagne is always paired with happy memories. Part of the fun is seeing the enticing, golden hue i

Personalized Slate Gray Hip Flask

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Speakeasy Kensington Personalized Flask

Transport yourself back to 1920 when prohibition required you to get stealthy with your booze. With